T & Cs

Terms and Conditions Please read through the terms and conditions of booking. 1. Class sizes Ducklings = 4 children Seahorses = 5 children Frogs = 6 Whales = 8 Swordfish = 8 Dolphins = 10 Sharks = 10 Stingray = 10 Squad 1, 2 and 3 = 10 2. Course Payments Fees for the whole term are required in advance. There may be a ‘due date’ issued if payments are required to secure your requested time and day of lessons. There will be a late fees payment charge for lessons paid after the second week. 3. Cancellations If you decide not to start your swimming course for any reason you must give 5 days' notice before the start of the course and we’ll refund your course fee in full. If you decide to discontinue swimming lesson once the course has started and before the 4th week of term we will refund the amount paid minus an £18 cancellation fee. After the 4th week of term no refunds will be made for cancelled lessons. 4. Missed Lessons We regret that any lessons missed due to illness or holiday won’t be refunded or rescheduled. 5. Private and Shared Private Lessons You are required to book and pay for the whole course in advance and the same cancellation and missed lesson policy applies to private, shared private and group lessons. If you are more than 15mins late for your lesson and decide you’d like to do the remaining minutes of your half hour lesson please be aware that if your lesson is the last time slot for that day then your instructor may have gone home early. 7. Contacting us while swimming lessons are running There is a phone at reception at the swimming pool for emergencies. You may contact us on this number during the times of 4:00pm and 7:00pm. 8. Changes to class time/day If you require a change of class time or day at any stage during your course please let us know and we’d be happy to rearrange your lessons as long as there is available space in the classes at your requested time/day.

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